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Outsourcing in Bangladesh

Dedicated Professionals

Our team of high professionals is ready to provide 24/7 service for your business whether it’s fresh one or in the developing stage.

Software Developer


Web Designer

android developer

App Developer


SEO Expert


Wordpress Developer


Virtual Assistant


UI-UX Designer


Book Keeper

Taking care of business appropriately

Established in 2016
Served 500+ Clients
85% of our new customers come back with more work
98.7% rate us with 5 out of 5 stars

Staffing Solutions

A private company, offices, bloggers and offshoot advertisers enlist full-time and low maintenance remote experts from MHSofts.


Professionals work from home

Investigate every specialist's profile and peruse their portfolio and aptitudes and contract the ability you need on your terms. Contact experts proactively or post your activity.


Professionals work at our office

We ensure that workers utilize their time legitimately and profitably with no intrusion. We deal with HR, Finance, and IT.

Recruiting Only

Send us your prerequisites, we will give you a waitlist of a perfect contender for your business. You think about, meeting, and contract the best competitor. You pick whether your staff will telecommute or at our office.

What to expect of us?


Recruit low cost talents

Bangladesh is producing a number of talented graduates in different fields and we can pick up those for you. Plenty of talented workforces are there to provide quality service.


No bidding headache

We can virtually take over your entire task relating to your online business. We have the right personnel for you as we take special care while recruiting our experts. Bidding hassle is in the past.


Flexible contract

We never bind our clients for a long time commitment. With mutual understandings, we are flexible and considerate.


No middleman attitude

We believe in transparency. Any of your tasks like hiring, that would be transparent and you could have direct access to your recruits or purchases.


Work directly with your office staff

You are not compelled to convey through our stage. We don't watch it. We'll send a prologue to you when somebody applies to your activity, and afterward, you can get in touch with them by means of email, skype or whatever implies you incline toward.

talented employee

Get employee, not bids

You post magnificent occupations and ventures, and afterward, marvelous individuals with genuine ability will apply for the activity. When they apply, you'll get a point by point depiction of why they trust they are the correct fit.


What your employee working on you will know that directly.

Use time following Software like TimeProof, TimeDoctor, or Hubstaff to screen and know when and what your employees are chipping away at with highlights like screen captures, movement observing, propelled reports, continuous following and so forth.

pay directly

use escrow or Pay directly

You don't pay MHSofts a cut while procuring or paying a work-from-home specialist. You're ready to contract and pay your staff specifically. You can likewise utilize ou escrow installment choice, on the off chance that you need. We will just pay once you discharge the installment.

Hire Awesome workers at an low price

For as meager as $300 per month, you can discover telecommuters to go up against even the most difficult errands in your business. You won't get this sort of significant worth anyplace else.


Full time rate

$550-1300 / Month

UX/UI Designer

Full time rate

$700-1500 / Month


Full time rate

$550-1300 / Month

Virtual Assistant

Full time rate

$350-800 / Month

My 1 Year Review Of Using Virtual Staff At mh-softs.com


Around 1 year prior, I was confronting a noteworthy test with my associate promoting an organization. My business was dependent on only two primary sites for practically the majority of my pay, and I was subject to Google to send traffic to my site. Only one Google calculation change and my business could have been squashed. To exacerbate the situation, the structure on my sites were getting obsolete and I had no web-based life nearness by any stretch of the imagination. I required help – quick! Sadly, while I was acquiring enough income to pay my very own pay, I just couldn't stand to enlist developers, internet-based life specialists, or U.S. based remote helpers. While attempting to think of a feasible arrangement, I discovered mh-softs.com. Much to my dismay, the group at MHSofts would change the whole course of my business to improve things.

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